International Chocolate Awards - 2012 Industry survey
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The aim of the International Chocolate Awards is to promote fine chocolate around the world and support the chocolate makers and companies who enter the competition and the cacao growers that make the fine chocolate world possible.

We want the fine chocolate industry to be confident that - with the help of our Advisory Committees - we are making our best efforts to ensure that the Awards and our judging systems are fair, transparent and sensitive to the needs and technical work of the companies that enter.

We know that we are only just beginning the journey of creating the most fair and robust awards possible. This is a journey we want to take with your guidance and input - you are the real experts in your field with the detailed knowledge of your profession.

Before we began the first year of our Awards, we ran an open online industry survey, which received over 250 responses. We used this to put together the rules of the first year of the competition for 2012.

We're extending this approach with our first annual feedback survey. This is just one part of our consultation process - we will also being inviting a representative number of entrants from the 2012 competition to join our consultative Entrants Committee. The feedback you give us will be used to shape the competitions in 2013 and in future years.
The Survey
We would like your opinion on the following questions. The survey should take about 5-10 minutes to complete, depending whether you prefer to answer only the basic multiple choice questions or give us more detailed feedback.

Please note that you need to complete the survey in one session. There are 23 questions in total.

Your responses and details will be kept confidential and will be used only by the Awards organisers for the sole purpose of developing the International Chocolate Awards. The results will not be published anywhere publicly and will be used only as an internal document.

Thank you very much for your time and feedback. We're look forward to continuing to create awards that reflect the needs of the industry.

Before proceeding, please agree that you will not copy, share, publish any extract, part or whole of the questionnaire without the written permission of the organisers.
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